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We have been working in the VIRTUAL REALITY industry in SOUTH AFRICA since 1998 and have a proven track record of VIRTUAL REALITY GAME DEVELOPMENT for brands. We create TRUE VIRTUAL REALITY experiences, allowing people to experience Virtual Reality as if they are physically there.


Virtual Reality

We are passionate about the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry in South Africa. We develop True Virtual Reality applications for brands in South Africa. We are highly experienced in the industry and our work of exceptional quality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Do you remember the Pokemon Go Augmented Reality craze? The Pokemon Go Augmented Reality application is one of the most well known Augmented Reality applications. We develop similar augmented reality solutions for Brands looking to use Augmented Reality as part of their Marketing strategy.



We do 360° video filming and productions. Our team spesialize in pre-porduction and post production of 360° video. We can script your 360° video and assist you with the scene selection etc.


Virtual Reality Game Development

We develop virtual reality games for businesses and brands that want to market their products to people at activation’s or events. We have created several virtuall reality brand games already for some of the big Brands in South Africa. These games are fun to play and branded with the companies logos etc.


Virtual Reality Activations & Events

When searching or desciding on a Virtual Reality company to create your virtual reality solutions, it is important to make sure that the Developers understand both the hardware and software elemts to Virtual Reality. Our company is the most experienced virtual reality rentals company in South Africa. We can assist you with you Virtual Reality activation and events.


Virtual Reality Equipment Rentals

We have an extensive range of virtual reality euipment rentals. We rent out the HTC VIVE High-end Virtual Reality systems. The Samsung Gear Oculus Virtual Reality headset and Samsung S7 smartphones as well as a generic VR headset and Google Cardboard.



In our opinion the HTC VIVE is the best commercially available Virtual Reality headset currently on the market. We Develop Virtual Reality Software and Games for the HTC VIVE, and rent these devices out to companies that want to use these VR devices for events.


Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is another powerful commercial Virtual Reality Headset. We develop software and games for the Oculus Rift and also hire out the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset and computer system to companies that want to showcase their True virtual reality applications, experiences or games.


Samsung Gear Virtual Reality

We develop virtual reality and augmented reality software and games spesifically for the Samsung Gear Oculus Virtual Reality headsets. We also rent out the Samsung Gear Oculus virtual reality headset and Samsung S7 Smartphones. The Samsung Oculus VR Headset is the Rolls-royce of Mobile Virtual Reality headsets.


VR & AR Consulting Services

Sometimes you just want to find out how your company can benefit from AR or VR. We provide a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality consulting service where we can provide you with indepth knowledge about the industry and advise you about the technologies. We are also available to consult on existing project and advise on current developments.


VR Application Development

Our company Virtual Reality spesialize in the development of Virtual Reality Applications. If you want to develop an application for Windows, Android or iOS we can do it. We have years of experience, know-how and Intellectual Property. We develop Mobile VR and High-end Computer Based VR Solutions and applications.


AR Application Development

We develop Mobile AR solutions and AR solutions for Hololens and other AR HMD units. If you are looking to develop AR solutions for Android and iOS we can help you. It is estimated that AR technologies will be worth billions in the near future and that humanity will benefit greatly from these solutions in the years to come!


Virtual Tours and Google Street View

One of the easiest ways to implement a Virtual Reality solution is to create a Virtual Tour of your company and assets. We are certified Google Street View photographers and spesialize in Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality. We can include your Virtual Tour into your website as well as into Google Maps.


Google Cardboard

We manufacture and sell locally produced Google Cardboard inspired Google Cardboard Virtual Reality glasses. These Google Cardboard devices is the cheapest virtual reality headsets on the market and allow people to get immersed into Virtual Reality. We develop mobile virtual reality applications and 360° video spesifically for Google Cardboard.



We develop and create VR Games, VR applications for branding, marketing, educational, and scalable virtual reality and augmented reality solutions / software and hardware incorporating multiple cutting edge technologies:
We are experts in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Leap Motion, Kinect, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, IoT, and many more technologies. Talk to us today to find out how we can make it happen for you!


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If you are interested in Virtual Reality and have any questions relating to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360° video or Mixed Reality feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have.

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