We develop Virtual Reality solutions

We are passionate about the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry in South Africa. We develop True Virtual Reality applications for brands in South Africa. We are highly experienced in the industry and our work of exceptional quality.

High End Virtual Reality Solutions

We develop high-end virtual reality solutions for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. If you want you clients to be immersed in a high-end virtual reality solution, we can develop it for you.

Typically in a high-end virtual reality solution clients can interact with objects, follow a tutorial or training session, play a brand related game that teaches the client more about the company or product. These high-end solutions can also be used as an Educational Experience or a relazing experience like tourism and travel where the client can experience a place as if he is actually there.

We have developed High-End Virtual Reality solutions for premiere brands/companies in South Africa like Standardbank, ABSA bank, DSTV and Extramarks

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We do business local and international our head office is at 11 Scafell Road, Floracliffe, Johannesburg, South Africa.