Our Company Virtual Reality is known for our Awesome Virtual Reality activations! We specialize in assisting Marketing Agencies, Brands and Corporate clients with Virtual Reality Events and Activations.

Many virtual reality activations flops because people are not specifically trained on how to do virtual reality activations and events. We have set up a team of virtual reality activation personnel to assist our clients with their activations. It is extremely important for us to give “Clients the BEST Virtual Reality experience”

Our Virtual Reality team is specifically trained to:

  • Make sure that we maintain hygiene during a Virtual Reality activation.
  • Assist and guide clients in the Virtual Reality experience (Highlighting specific things while clients are immersed in the experience)
  • Explaining how the games and virtual reality controllers work.
  • Be friendly and helpful, and encourage people to try the virtual reality experience.
  • Creating a Professional experience for virtual reality users.
  • Troubleshoot the Virtual Reality System to maximize uptime.

Virtual Reality Activation Images

Below is some images of our Virtual Reality Activation Personnel busy at activations.