Virtual Reality Headset Rentals is one of our virtual reality business focus areas. For virtual reality to grow and for people to have awesome experiences in virtual reality it is important to get your activations right, and to have the best of the best equipment available on the market. In many cases we rent out virtual reality equipment to clients, whom have never used virtual reality equipment before and just go with the flow. This might be the cheapest option to the Agency, but it is most likely not going to bare fruits and make the client happy.

As part of our virtual reality rental service we offer on request training workshops where we could train your activation specialists on how the equipment works and how to avoid common mistakes that will degrade the experience your clients have in virtual reality.

If done right your clients will love Virtual Reality

We cannot overstate how important it is to give your clients a good virtual reality experience! It is important to have the “BEST” equipment your budget can afford and well trained staff to guide people with their VR Experience. After All if you are going to use virtual reality why not make sure that you get returning business from it!

Check out or page on Virtual Reality Activations and Events for more information on our “Virtual Reality Activation Staff” for more information on staff that we can provide to assist you with your virtual reality experiences and activations!

Never just rent the equipment and thing that it is all there is to creating awesome Virtual Reality experiences.

We have one of the largest ranges of Virtual Reality Equipment to Rent in South Africa

We have several different virtual reality systems available for rent in South Africa. Our equipment range from “Google Cardboard”, “Samsung Gear VR”, “All in one virtual reality headsets” to the more expensive and high-end Virtual Reality systems like the “HTC VIVE” and the “Oculus Rift” virtual reality systems. It is our core business to create awesome virtual reality experiences, events and custom branded virtual reality experiences for our clients!


Oculus Go Virtual Reality Rentals


HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Rentals


OCULUS RIFT Virtual Reality Rentals


SAMSUNG GEAR VR Virtual Reality Rentals