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11 Scafell Road, Floracliffe, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1709

Johannesburg South Africa is not only one of the major cities in South Africa, but is also the city with the most Virtual Reality companies in South Africa. We are one of the Virtual Reality Johannesburg based companies. This means that if your company is based in South Africa and you are looking for a virtual reality solution in Johannesburg or South Africa we can help! We also serve other locations in South Africa like Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Cape Town!

We regularly do Virtual Reality Events and Activations in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre, NASREC, The Dome and also at the Gallagher Estate. If you have the need for a Virtual Reality company based in Johannesburg talk to us!

Virtual Reality Events in Johannesburg

Virtual Reality Event at the Radison Blue Hotel Johannesburg

We are one of the most established virtual reality companies in Johannesburg South Africa. To the left side on a desktop PC or at the bottom if you are browsing our website on a mobile devices is a video of one of the activations that we did at the Radison Blue hotel in Johannesburg South Africa.

Whatever your event or need for virtual reality we can help! Talk to us if you want to know more about our company and the exciting things that we do!

For more about Virtual Reality Activation in Johannesburg South Africa visit our Virtual Reality Activation page.

Virtual Tours in Johannesburg South Africa

We create virtual tours for businesses based in Johannesburg. If you have a business in Johannesburg or surrounding areas and looking to get a Virtual Tour talk to the us, we will gladly assist you!

Below or on the side you can view one of the Johannesburg based businesses that we scanned. You can walk through the Audi Sandton Dealership and view the cars that they have on sale!

This is just one of the many businesses in Johannesburg that we scanned and created virtual tours for! – If you are interested in a virtual tour for your business go to our virtual tour pages to learn more about the virtual tours that we create!